Lapbooks are Done!

Students worked so hard completing their lapbooks in history! This is the second of four to be completed this year. 🙂

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Great Food Pantry Visit!

Last Tuesday was a stellar food pantry day. The whole school broke its own record in collecting food, and our class brought in the most!tuesday  -- house 002

While we were very happy with the two jeans day certificates that that earned us, we were even more thrilled with the big load of food we got to contribute to families in our community. There was a LOT of food to unload!

Food Pantry 004

It was a lot of fun work to stock the shelves with 450 new items!

Food Pantry 017

THANK YOU so much to all who contributed to this great trip to the food pantry!

Winter Recess and a Few Reminders :)

OVCS 074

Recess in the winter is so much fun! Please remember to send outside clothes with your child — hats and mittens or gloves, warm jackets and snow pants, boots and extra socks. You might even want to send an extra set of clothes — for some reason all that outerwear doesn’t always prevent snow from reaching clothing. We play outside on days that are 15* or higher, and children have a blast sledding and building snow forts Since the air is so dry in the winter, please remember to send water bottles and chapstick, too (if you have it).

The other pictures in this slideshow are from last Friday, when we held down the fort while Miss Tillie picked up pizza. We brought our math to the office — have Saxon, will travel!

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Welcome, Abby!

In the sorrow of losing Katie’s dad and the busyness of the holidays, I neglected to write an official WELCOME to the newest member of our pack, Abigail Decker!

Nikon - day 2 140

Abby’s first day was November 18, and she fit in right away. Bright-eyed Abby, whose nickname is Scout, works hard and plays hard. She is eager to learn and is kind, friendly, and already well-liked by her new friends. We’re so happy to welcome Abby to our classroom!

Tuesday, December 17, in Spelling: Each student earned 100%!

Tuesday, December 17:

OOB 023

Students did such a great job in spelling this week! We normally receive spelling lists (up to 20 words) on Monday, take a pre-test on Thursday, and test on Friday. This week as usual, students received their words on Monday. What is unusual though, is that we had a “pre-pre-test” on Tuesday just to see which words students should focus on practicing most, and each student aced the test! Woohoo!!

Food Pantry during Thanksgiving Week

What a great visit we had to the food pantry today! For starters, there was a fantastic response to a school-wide competition: 385 food items were collected this month! The middle schoolers alone brought in an astounding 209 items — way to go, middle schoolers! Here’s all of the food before we loaded it into Mrs. Smith’s truck:

Food Pantry 021

Because this is a super-busy week at the food pantry, we had to use the back entrance to bring in the food. It took much longer than usual to unload it all!

Food Pantry 034 Food Pantry 035 Food Pantry 039 Food Pantry 040 Food Pantry 047 Food Pantry 051

After we emptied bags and boxes, Miss Sandy offered to take us into the Shaker barn to see their Thanksgiving operation. Thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year at the food pantry. Yesterday they gave out 915 boxes of food to families in our community, and they expected to give another 600 today! What a wonderful work is done at the York County Homeless Shelter Food Pantry. We are so privileged to be a part of it.

Food Pantry 058 Food Pantry 056

After we left the barn, we loaded back into our vehicles and visited the bakery for some delicious yummies….

Food Pantry 066

…and then visited Friendship Park on our way back to school!

Food Pantry 087 Food Pantry 085 Food Pantry 081 Food Pantry 079

A busy morning of academics and a busy afternoon of service, all mixed together with friends and fun: the perfect recipe for a great school day. 🙂